Daily Update

A majority of New York voters support legalizing and taxing marijuana, poll reveals.  Not surprising, but very disappointing.  Read what Chairman Long had to say about the poll that was taken. 

The State of Politics ran this article yesterday recapping Chairman Long’s interview on Fred Dicker’s radio show.  Shortly after, the puppets who work for Governor Cuomo indicated quite clearly that Governor Cuomo fears Harry Wilson.   

Errol Lewis writes about the NYC Council vs. voters, again, on term limits.  His closing paragraph is great, “Most of all, New York voters have to decide if we are prepared to let the Council, whose members supposedly work for us, once again spit in the face of voters. I strongly recommend a call or email to your Council member today with a simple message about tampering with term limits: Don’t you dare.”

Nicole Malliotakis: My time ‘in the arena’ with Mayor Bill de Blasio

State budget shortfalls have comptroller concerned.    The Conservative Party will say it AGAIN:  The problem is not that we are taxed too little, it is that New York spends too much.  Be prepared, cuts must come or the wealthy will leave.  Even with this knowledge, the  $38.5 M SUNY  Poly bailout grant was just approved.  

Assemblyman Ray Walker has Op-Ed in the Buffalo News:  Little to show for billions in state spending to create jobs

The MTA’s “summer of hell” is lingering and may last a year

The Daily Signal writes that Planned Parenthood is in deep trouble with the law. This could be a turning point.

Hans von Spakovsky writes in the Daily Signal that redrawing districts is the job of elected leaders, not judges. 

Apparently, it isn’t only sexual harassment that gets sweep under the run in Washington, D.C.  And then there is this

Fact Check:  Claim That GOP Tax Reform Would ‘Raise Taxes on the Middle Class’ After 2025 is Misleading.

The Daily Signal brings us up to date on what the US Supreme Court cases are on before Christmas. 

The Washington Times is reporting  this:  Voters increasingly skeptical of allegations against Roy Moore in Alabama Senate race.  And Larry Horist wants to know if a good and moral person can vote for Moore. 

Thank you, Denzel Washington.  Your honesty is refreshing.