Daily Update

Nicole Malliotakis’ campaign manager, Leticia Remauro, had an election post-mortem in the Gotham Gazette over the weekend.  You can read it here.  Also noteworthy is the fact that Nicole is approaching 36 thousand in total votes on the Conservative line while Joe Lhota received slightly under 25 thousand four years ago.  Nicole’s vote is over a 40% increase in the votes cast on line the Conservative line.   Her Conservative Party total vote was the highest on the Conservative line since John Esposito in 1981.  He ran solely on the Conservative Party line.  With the exception of the Giuliani and Bloomberg elections, her vote on the Republican line was the highest total since John Marchi in 1969.  Great run, Nicole, we are certain you have a very bright future in the political arena. 

Even Michael Goodwin’s column, while not mentioning Nicole, indicated that the Mayor’s percentage of win was the smallest winning margin in the top races.  As always, the rest of Mr. Goodwin’s column is excellent in his analysis of how the ex-DNC chair ruined Clinton’s chance at 2020.

Sunday’s NY Post editorial blasted the NYC Campaign Finance system stating that “This system doesn’t lift up the powerless; it rewards the powerful. It needs major reform — or total repeal.”  We say total repeal…stop wasting taxpayers hard earned money. 

Nicole Gelinas explains in her column how the Constitution can’t protect underfunded public pensions.  A must read for those depending on public pensions and all New Yorkers.

Gregory Bresiger wrote in Sunday’s NY Post that a new Tax Foundation study found NYC is the cigarette smuggling capital of the US.  We have had many articles on this subject Obviously this is a serious problem caused by the increase in cigarette taxes giving the black market a ready-made market while funding terrorist.  Shamefully, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance officials declined comment.

Carl Campanile wrote about the Governor’s budget shortfall — that he will try to make us pay for instead of cutting spending. 

Did you know that six state agencies retained outside counsel worth $1.9 million for federal probe?  Your tax dollars…used for outside counsel, not education, or fixing transportation or hiring more police/firemen to keep you safe.  When will you have enough of this waste? 

Democratic Assemblyman John McDonald says the video game industry needs tax credits to grow.  Seriously?  He is pushing a $50 million tax credit program for the video gaming industry.  Someone please tell me when it became government’s responsibility to hand out corporate welfare. 

Investigative Post writes that IBM is another Buffalo Billion letdown. 

More bad news for upstate: Schenectady will lose jobs as GE is set to cut $1 billion from their expenses.  NY taxpayers just paid GE $3.3 million for consulting work in May.   Have you had enough yet?  I wonder how much GE has donated to Governor Cuomo…a little research will find out.

The New York Times writes that Governor Cuomo is a master of the $50,00 fund raiser while he bypasses small donners. 

We have an administration that is bleeding taxpayers of every ounce of blood they have.  The lucky can move; the unlucky will pay and pay and pay until we make the necessary changes.  The November elections have started…get involved before it is too late. 

New York’s economy – The current administration is bleeding hard working New Yorkers of every penny it can.