Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a real problem in addition to former staffers with upcoming trials.  Yesterday, on a conference call with the press, he continued to disparage those who dare to disagree with him.  You can listen here to what he said and the tone used when he spoke about the republican tax plan  and then defended the tax burden in New York State.  Then he went on to say there are no more Rockefeller republicans, that this (the Republican Party) has been taken over by extreme conservatives.  “They’re against a woman’s right to choose, that doesn’t sell in New York. In the midst of all of this violence, they want to roll back the SAFE act that I passed, the smartest gun safety legislation in the nation, and they want to roll it back. You stand with this president, who wants to savage New York on state and local deductibility, savage this state on health care. They are out of touch. They don’t know who New Yorkers are and what we value.”  Governor Cuomo would have you believe that he promotes diversity and celebrates every New Yorker; his problem is that, by his own words, he does not.  Mario Cuomo must be rolling over in his grave, and he was a man that didn’t agree with our philosophy either, but, did not publicly mock those who disagreed with him. 

The battle for the stars; How states use your money to lure Hollywood.  “The industry spends heavily on campaign contributions and lobbying to make its presence felt in state capitals. In New York, Gov. Cuomo has received $860,000 from contributors in the Los Angeles area involved in the industry, including $60,000 from studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and $60,000 from Steven Spielberg and his wife, Kate Capshaw. From in-state studios, Cuomo also received nearly $400,000 — including $125,8000 from the owners of Steiner Studios in Brooklyn and $110,800 from NBC Universal.”

Leading Republican considering 2018 run against Cuomo not fazed by GOP’s Election Night losses.  Part of what Harry Wilson said is “…He said a cloud is hanging over Cuomo, who is expected to seek a third term. Potential pitfalls for the governor, Wilson said, include a worsening state deficit, upcoming political corruption trials involving some of his close associates, mass transit problems, and a “failing” upstate economy.”

The NY Post editorial opines on New York’s coming budget crisis

Will de Blasio stand up for the NYPD now?

Mayor de Blasio still thinks he has a mandate, Politico New York, has an article explaining he does not have a mandate and also that people feel free to ignore a lame duck. 

The Washington Free Beacon runs an article on how George Soros continues to quietly pile up wins in District Attorney Races.  It mentions he was pushed millions in DA races in Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico, but failed to mention the 2004 DA race in Albany County, NY.  George Soros is doing his utmost to destroy America from the inside…and his plan is working and has been for quite some time. 

Investor’s Business Daily opines that the GOP loss was a real wake-up call, and asks if they will answer it. 

Jonathan S. Tobin says shunning Trump isn’t the answer for republicans.  

Donald Devine, senior scholar at the Fund for American Studies, opines in Newsmax on the Manafort indictment.