Daily Update

Staten Island, the county that knows Nicole Malliotakis best, gave her 70.71% of the vote cast.  Staten Island also turned out 32.76% of their eligible voters, while the overall city turnout was approximately 23.77%.  Kudos to Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis for a campaign well run.  Rest assured, you have not heard the last of Nicole who has a bright political future. 

What is difficult to understand, is why such a low turnout.  New York City has over 5 million eligible voters and just slightly more than 1 million came out to vote.  If Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks he has a mandate, he is quite mistaken.  Mr. Mayor, you may tout your 66.16% win, but the reality is you garnered 14.37% of those eligible to vote for you, essentially 85.63% people did not support you

Voters across the state overwhelming turned down the opportunity for a Constitutional Convention, every county in New York state said NO to the Con-Con.  Who said opposites couldn’t work together for the common good.  Statewide Proposal #2, allowing for forfeiture of a pension for certain felonies related to officials work, passed comfortably, without quite as many votes.  Statewide proposal #3, while rejected by NYC Voters, squeaked by with the help of upstate New York.  (It came as a surprise to me that downstate rejected Prop 3, since they are always calling for more environmental concessions.)

I wonder if Gov. Cuomo will take a page from Hillary and  be unable to find what the prosecutors want? 

Livingston County had a big win…an enrolled conservative, Michael Falk, ran on the conservative line alone and beat the gentleman who had the republican and democratic lines.  Great win, Jason McGuire

Donna Brazile’s bombshell book coverage, did nothing to harm the democratic name, in fact,  the democrats regained some of their momentum.   If Republicans deliver, it won’t last long, if they fail, for whatever reason, last night was just the beginning of a long Republican draught.  And they will only have themselves to blame.  Republicans must realize that they have to overcome two fronts – not delivering on promises and they must be above reproach on ethical matters.  Conservatives and some independents, who put republicans in control, expect both and if they fail, the media will gleefully report their failures.  Something the media fails to do when it comes to democrats.  Here is Guy Benson’s take on last night’s elections. 

The Daily Signal tell us how to respond to those who want to ‘Do Something’ after Texas shooting.  

Podcast: Half of Millennials Would Prefer to Live in Socialist or Communist Country.  Isn’t it time to teach real, not revisionist history and stop indulging our children’s every whim? 

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