Daily Update

Tomorrow the Polls are open from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM.  Click here to find out where to vote.  Don’t forget to turn the ballot over (except in Chautauqua County) for the statewide and local propositions that are on the ballot.   The Conservative Party recommends a NO vote on Proposition 1, a YES vote on Proposition 2 and a YES vote on Proposition 3.   Exercise your civic duty and VOTE tomorrow. 

Here are some articles you may have missed over the weekend on the NYC Mayor’s race.  Nicole’s campaign is energized. All the reasons you shouldn’t vote for de Blasio; More Pay-to-Play; Supporters,   and city officials support Malliotakis at lunch rally

Seriously, Mr. Mayor?  Don’t you seen the problems in doing this?  I guess after all the other ethical questions in your administration, this seems relatively minor.  Perception, Mr. Mayor. 

Do New Yorkers really want more of this:  A lunatic plan for city garbage.  Tomorrow is your chance to elect Nicole Malliotakis who brings common-sense solutions to the problems New Yorkers face. 

Or do New Yorkers want to continue the Mayor’s record on schools

The Manhattan Institute looks at Mayor de Blasio, the past and the future.

A Vote for Nicole Malliotakis is a vote for a better New York City.

Carl Campanile gives a downstate rundown on some of what is at stake in tomorrow’s elections. 

The Hill gives a rundown on some national races of importance. 

The Daily Signal proves again that voter fraud is real. 

Robert Knight writes in the Washington Times about how in its push to ‘cure inequality’ the left busily destroys traditional values. 

The Daily Signal writes that the Diversity Visa is bad, but the real problem is homegrown terrorism.

Surprise, Surprise:  Hillary “It is NEVER my fault” Clinton and her team implies Donna Brazile is lying.   Here is Donna Brazile’s response.   Sen. Chuck Schumer’s response will really knock your socks off.  Did he really say that with a straight face?  And the Oscar goes to…Sen. Chuck Schumer!