Daily Update

John Moody, Executive Editor for Fox News, speaks for many of us in this opinion piece:  New York terror attack — We’ve seen the face of evil but our politicians want us to look away

Jim Geraghty writes in National Review about what did and didn’t cause yesterday’s terror attack.

New regulations fortify New York City as immigration sanctuary.  But you can change them with a change in New York City’s Mayor and changes in the City Council.  VOTE ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7. 

Get out and Vote for Nicole Malliotakis.

Michael Goodwin asks the question:  Do NYC voters care about corruption? We’re about to find out.   You can make a difference in New York City…

Get out and Vote for Nicole Malliotakis.

The Manhattan Institute on the Halloween Massacre.  City Journal has more on the Halloween Massacre  The New York Post editorial says New Yorkers’ spirit won’t be broken by latest terror attackMr. Mayor, we are not anti-Muslim…we are anti-ISIS, anti-Jihadist and most importantly we are Americans who love our freedoms and the people who share our ideals and values.   NYC ISIS Terrorist Was Known to the Feds…And He Has Friends.

Get out and Vote for Nicole Malliotakis.

The New York Times agrees with the New York State Conservative PartyVote no on the Constitutional Convention.  If you read the whole editorial, at the very end, it appears that not only does the NY Times say no to the Con-Con, it hints that the NY Times could supports term limits when it states “…New Yorkers have it within their power, at the polls every two-years, to demand a full Albany housecleaning.  There is no need to wait for a plebiscite every other decade – and no compelling reasons now for a costly convention with dubious prospects for essential change.” 

State Vice Chairman Ralph Lorigo, has produced this TV commercial for the 2017 election cycle.  Kudos for a job well done.  (Click on the downloaded file.)

Former Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey writes about the deadly myths of the opioid epidemic.  David French, writing in National Review, has another proposal for breaking the Opioid crisis – repair the family.

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