Conservatives Call for a YES vote on Statewide Proposal Two: Forfeiture of a Public Pension if Convicted of Felony

Brooklyn, NY – On the back of this years’ ballot, voters will be asked to decide on three statewide proposals – local elections may have additional proposals. The Conservative Party has been quite vocal regarding its opposition to the first statewide proposal that asks if a Constitutional Convention should be held. Part of the reason we are opposed to a Constitutional Convention has to do with the fact that it is possible to amend the NYS Constitution without holding a very expensive convention.

Statewide Proposal 2 seeks to amend the NYS Constitution by allowing for the complete or partial forfeiture of a public officer’s pension if he or she is convicted of a certain type of felony that has a direct and actual relationship to the performance of the public officer’s existing duties. Simply put, a public official at any level could be subject to losing part or all of their pension if they commit a felony related to the work they are hired to do. The Court would make the decision, after consideration of undue hardship to the family and the seriousness of the crime.

The current NYS Constitution provides that the benefits of a public pension or retirement system cannot be reduced or impaired. The proposed change makes it possible to reduce or completely withhold a convicted felon’s pension when that conviction is related to their duties. If adopted, it will only relate to felony convictions after January 1, 2018.

The Conservative Party urges a YES vote on statewide proposal 2.