Daily Update

Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer endorses Pay-to-Play with his endorsement of Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

Nicole Malliotakis, on the other hand, sees “pay-to-play” for what it is, an elected official letting everyone know you are “for sale.”  Why is it that when progressives get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they never recall putting it there.  Both de Blasio and Hillary seem to have a “selective memory chip” designed to protect them from admitting  facts that could land them in prison. 

Fortunately, for residents of New York City, you can end the “pay-to-play” cons of Mayor de Blasio and follow the advice found in today’s New York Post editorial endorsing Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis for Mayor.   The Staten Island Advance editorial also endorses Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis , while bestowing some faint praise on Mayor de Blasio, they still believe Assemblywoman Malliotakis will be a better advocate of Staten Island’s citizens. 

You still have a week to help Nicole Malliotakis in the final stretch.  Surprise the Manhattan Institute and let them know that voter interest is high, not low, and that not every city resident is willing to let the “corrupt, business as usual political culture” continue to chase citizens out of our city. 

Assemblywoman Malliotakis will be in a much better position to help end the hidden budget time bomb that Mayor de Blasio helped create. 

Congressman Chris Collins has one of the best Op-Ed pieces in today’s New York Post that I have read in ages.  His last paragraph sums up his honest assessment of Governor Cuomo’s administration: “Only a governor who wanted to curry favor with radical liberals would call lowering taxes treasonous. Instead, if King Andy really wants to be a legitimate leader, he should lead his own effort to cut taxes, stop wasteful spending and end the ridiculous regulatory burden for every New Yorker.”

Your 401(k) is safe.

For those who check facts and rely on certain popular sites, beware.  Read Robert Knight’s weekly column, ‘Whackapedia’ and its error fest, here

Stephen Moore give us the five biggest reasons to hate the IRS tax code

Here is the list of felonies that Paul Manafort faces.  If guilty, he is facing a long time in prison.  It is important to note that not once in the indictment is the Trump campaign mentioned.  Katie Pavlich also lets us know that Tony Podesta resigned as Mueller closes in on Clinton circle. 

The Auburnpub.com says state constitutional convention would be a waste. The Niagara Gazette says Con Con won’t lead to reform.  And former Assemblyman Jerry Kremer opines in Newsday that there is no need to open up NY’s constitution.   

We began today’s daily update with saying that Sen. Schumer endorses pay-to-play and we will end today’s daily update by noting that Sen. Schumer should research all his previous statements prior to giving a speech on the Senate Floor (or in his weekly press releases/conferences).  Otherwise, sharp analysists will continue to write headlines like this:  Democrats Have Done a 180 on Corporate Taxes. Here’s What They Said Last Year.