Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we saw explosive testimony about the corruption that plagues the de Blasio administration. One donor’s “pay-to-play” saga is the proverbial smoking gun. Mayor de Blasio was bought-and-paid-for, and as Nicole Malliotakis puts it, “There’s literally a ‘For Sale’ sign at the gates.” 

In your opinion, just how corrupt is Mayor Bill de Blasio? That’s our first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

The question now is whether New York City voters will give their approval to this corruption by reelecting the Mayor. I agree with Ms. Malliotakis – “We need to change this culture,” and “We don’t have to accept this.”

Nicole is hitting Mayor de Blasio hard over this corruption, and he deserves it. Which of her statements do you agree with the most? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

Now onto more corruption, this time – surprise – from Clinton Inc. Hillary’s Russian scandal keeps getting worse, to the point that we now should seriously consider if we’re talking treason. Any way you cut it, the Clinton campaign lied – no doubt about that.  

At best, Hillary had no idea what was going on with her campaign – that according to CNN’s always-trusty anonymous sources. In Washington, it seems, ignorance is truly bliss.

Team Hillary has sure played the media for fools on the Russia question, but of course the pro-Hillary press corps played right along.

President Trump is talking collusion, and ironically (for the left, anyway) it’s starting to seem like everyone but the President is in league with Russia – it’s the so-called “deep state” run amok, and it goes way beyond Hillary and points to corruption in the Obama Justice Department

From informants to threats to spies, it’s hard to keep up with all this drama, which leads me to the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll: What classic film do you think would make the best title for Hillary Clinton’s political dealings? I look forward to seeing your answers!

This week the Conservative Party released our ratings for the 2017 legislative session. They’re in the news, and I discussed them on Capital Tonight – you can watch it here.

Have a great weekend!