Daily Update

Did you read Michael Goodwin’s Sunday column Leave John Kelly Alone?  Mr. Goodwin has excellent insight in the political world and his columns are perceptive, provocative and pensive.  This one is all of that rolled into one and even humorous at the very end. 

Charles Hurt writes about a clown in a sequined cowboy hat distorts greatest sacrifice

Sunday’s NY Post editorial reinforces the need to be prepare for the possibility of a state budget crisis. 

Steve Cuzzo opined on how de Blasio and Cuomo made NYC a rotten suiter for Amazon.

Governor Cuomo, about those casinos that were going to save New York economy…how’s that working out?   

City Journal writes about De Blasio and Cities Without Civitas

Robert Knight opines on the ACLU’s selective compassion.  His column is a powerful affirmation of how precious an unborn life is.  Meanwhile, a federal tax loophole let Planned Parenthood build clinics financed with ‘abortion bonds’. 

Katie Pavich writes about how a Russian spy got close to Hillary Clinton and the FBI watched it happen.  Katie also writes that one of Hillary’s inner Circle,  John Podesta’s brother, is being investigated by Mr. Mueller the Special Council set up to investigate President Trump’s supposed Russian ties. 

One News Now explains most of the main street media is silent on the bombshell revelations pointing to the collusion revealed between the Russians and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign last year.