Weekly Wrap-Up

This week President Trump blasted the fake-news media for ignoring the real Russian scandal – the transfer of cash to the Clintons in exchange for uranium.  

Now the Senate is investigating (it’s about time!), a whistleblower is ready to testify, and the so-called mainstream media is being forced to cover up for the Clintons and cover real corruption instead of all the Trump/Russia duds that have been reported.

What outrages you the most about the Clinton/Russia uranium scandal? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll – and there’s plenty of outrage to go around.

A budget vote this week sets the stage for tax relief – let’s hope Republicans get this done, because failure shouldn’t be an option if they care about the economy. (Of course, we have “independent” Democrats like Bernie Sanders who fail to understand the story of Robin Hood, which makes GOP leadership even more critical.) 

This week the Democrats politicized a soldier’s death and a President’s “sacred call” to a grieving widow – but nothing is sacred for the left, especially not when a congresswoman can parlay tragedy to become a self-described “rock star.” I’ll take John Kelly’s word over a politicians’ any day.

As this silliness unfolds, President Trump (and of course our military men and women) continues to be more aggressive against ISIS in nine months than the Obama Administration managed in eight years. 

So what do you think about President Trump’s leadership as Commander-in-Chief so far? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

As much as liberals like to take money and freedom from the American people, you would think a shoplifting charge would make a candidate more qualified to run for Congress as a Democrat, but apparently not. 

There’s not much leadership to speak of from the liberals in New York this week, as Chuck Schumer flip-flops, Kirsten Gillibrand cozies up to the anti-Semitic left, Bill de Blasio barely pretends to do his job (and a flip-flop of sorts for him too), and upstate New York continues to be left behind by Andrew Cuomo (whose sanctuary-state madness threatens all of New York). 

Which of New York’s “progressive” bosses do you believe is setting our state back the MOST? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll. 

Right now when I think of leadership and progress, I think of Nicole Malliotakis. Let’s give her all the support we can – and have a great weekend!