Daily Update

The New York Times surprises some of its readers with a, dare I say – positive – article, introducing their readers to Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.   Even the headline grabs the reader’s attention:  She’s a Conservative Who Loves Cher. Could She Be New York’s Next Mayor?  You know you are having an impact when the NY Times gives a conservative republican a fair and balanced article. 

Eleni Stamatinos writes in the Odyssey why Nicole Malliotakis should be the next mayor of New York City.    Help Nicole by forwarding these articles and her latest TV Ad  to family and friends, or, if possible, by donating to her campaign.  Nicole is just shy of meeting the $1,000,0000 threshold to force another debate with Bill de Blasio so funds are needed.    New York City deserves a Mayor of Nicole’s stature and only you can help make that happen. 

Investor’s Business Daily calls the Senate compromise on Obamacare’s insurance markets an ObamaCare Bailout, Pure And Simple.   The Daily Signal lets us know that many conservatives call it unacceptable.   National Review’s analysis is not as adamant about rejecting it, but cautions that its approval should be contingent to acceptance only if states are allowed to waive the mandate for individuals enrolled in the STLD plans they regulate.

Cheryl K. Chumley writes that the NFL missed a golden opportunity

Senator Mitch McConnell is more than a swamp dweller writes David Keene in the Washington Times. 

Remember this name:  Jeff Tien Han Pon,  he is the Trump nominee poised to be point man on draining government swamp.

The NY Sun editorial on War and Condolence;  the latest looney liberal craze trying to divide our country. 

Dan Boylan and Guy Taylor write in the Washington Times that Putin’s rage was triggered by Obama’s moves.   It is an interesting article that gives some background information missing in the sensational articles making news. 

Trump Talks Russia in Joint Presser With the Puerto Rican President

Breaking:  Senate Judiciary Will Investigate Clinton-Russia Uranium Corruption.

How many times have you hear progressive liberals say you shouldn’t censor books?  A school board vice-president in Biloxi, Mississippi has pulled the book To Kill a Mockingbird from its reading list because it makes people uncomfortable.   Daniel Davis explains why this hurts students

Can we trust social media?