Daily Update

The NY Post editorial on Sunday called for a Yes vote on the 2nd and 3rd statewide proposals voters will be asked to decide on in the November 7 elections.  We concur with their position in our press release of September 17.  However, the NY Post editorial wasn’t as straight forward on the question of holding a Constitutional ConventionThe Conservative Party is firmly opposed to holding a Constitutional Convention and urges a NO vote on Proposal 1.  As the NY Post editorial points out “…the alligators and the swamp rats will be out in force to elect their delegates. (emphasis added)” And it ends with “…a Constitutional Convention will wind up being run by the devils you already know. (emphasis added)” Add to that the cost of running a convention, to probably have it rejected again as it was in 1967, the Conservative Party urges a NO vote on should NY hold a Constitutional Convention. 

Kudos to Judge William H. Wells (a former Bill Clinton appointee) for refusing to dismiss corruption charges against Sen. Bob Menendez.   The only way political corruption will end is to have politicians pay the ultimate price…out of office and into prison.  Ultimately, the jury will decide Sen. Menendez’s fate, with the Judge’s decision to let the trial go forward, the jury will way the facts and justice will be served.

Trump’s Iran speech finally sets facts of sham nuclear deal straight.  

Behind Trump’s latest moves: A return to constitutional government.  

Charles Hurts writes in the Washington Times how President Trump has taken a wrecking ball to the swamp that is D.C. 

Robert Knight opines in the same paper on the uses and abuses of hate. 

Heather MacDonald writes in the City Journal about UCLA’s expanding diversity program that will hurt American competitiveness.

The editors of The Weekly Standard opine on Bye-Bye Boy Scouts

The NY Post informs us that NYC School Chancellor Carmen Fariña is emptying out the  Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) and most likely they will end up in schools who do not want them (due to problems that put them in the ATR).  Another broken promise made by Mayor de Blasio.  Our students deserve better.  To add insult to injury, David Suker, a controversial teacher and activist the city has spent years trying to fire, was recently awarded back pay ($264,000) while in the “rubber room.”  The students have no say, parents are ignored and mismanagement will continue, unless NYC elects a new mayor.

Beau Bergdahl pleads guilty in desertion case…then President Obama traded 5 terrorists to get Bergdahl back…do you think Obama feels any remorse?  No need to answer, we all know Obama believes Bergdahl was coerced into pleading guilty.