Weekly Wrap-Up

Is our nation more divided than ever? Probably, because Democrats are tilting to the extreme left like never before.

Can blue states survive? The situation in Connecticut isn’t promising, and of course New York has suffered as a result of liberal policies. Being obsessed with the Trump Resistance instead of fiscal responsibility probably isn’t helping.

Speaking of left turns, this week saw Bill de Blasio on the hot seat for his mismanagement of New York City, and we were once again reminded that de Blasio can always find someone to blame when things don’t go his way.

As we noted earlier this week, Nicole Malliotakis did an outstanding job – you can find debate coverage here, here, here and here.

What did you like MOST about Nicole Malliotakis as she took on Bill de Blasio? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

This week we saw the left’s culture war on America’s institutions as the Boy Scouts announced their plans to admit girls – another obvious salvo in our culture’s war on boys.  The Girl Scouts aren’t happy, and even some conservatives aren’t worried, but if you ask me it’s just the start of the destruction of the Boy Scouts.

What is your biggest concern with the Boy Scouts’ plan to admit girls? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

We saw leadership this week from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who is smacking down the foolishness of the biased news media and the incompetence and dishonesty of liberal reporters.

Meanwhile President Trump is taking care of business for the American people.

A highlight of this week was President Trump’s stand for health care freedom, as he took a wrecking ball to Obamacare with a new executive order to help expand the ability of small businesses to purchase health care for their employees – while increasing health-care affordability.  

The President also struck a blow for climate sanity by getting rid of President Obama’s nice-sounding but destructive Clean Power Plan – and he gave Americans a $33 billion tax cut in the process.

Today President Trump is announcing his plans to end Iran’s “pursuit of death and destruction” and “deny the Iranian regime all paths to a nuclear weapon.”

Finally President Trump delivered an outstanding speech in Pennsylvania on the need for tax relief – a chance to seriously drain the swamp and get our economy moving.

Of these key issues addressed by President Trump this week, which one do you believe is the most important? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Have a great weekend!