Daily Update

Governor Cuomo’s latest debacle:  wasting  $15M on Hollywood jobs that never came.   Even his newspaper of choice gently chides him on the failing enterprise.   Seth Baron, writing in the NY Post, has more on Governor Cuomo’s absurdly wasteful initiatives  to develop upstate New York through subsidies and giveaways.  Carl Campanile has more on the Governor’s impending fiscal disaster. 

The NY Post editorial opines on Mayor de Blasio’s overtime binge.  You can end the reign of Boss de Blasio on November 7, but only if you are registered to vote.  Click here to find out if you are, if not TOMORROW, FRIDAY is the last day to register

Trump sells tax plan in Pennsylvania: ‘Rocket fuel for our economy’.    President Trump may be on the verge of helping to tip Pennsylvania closer to a red state.   President Trump keeping his promises.

Former Mayor Bloomberg loses again in Chicago

Victor Davis Hanson opines on the state of the Union in 1968 and today reminding us of that the unrest of 1968 gave us three decades of relative calm. 

We have featured some of Larry Hoist’s columns from the Punching Bag Blog in the past, but none have touched a nerve as this one does.  Mr. Horist explains that abortion is NOT a woman’s health care issue and how he personally through research and compelling logic reached this conclusion.  Be forewarned, while disturbing to view, the photo at the end of the article will reaffirm how abortion is the pre-meditated killing of an innocent child.