Daily Update

The first NYC mayoral debate is over and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis proved she has the ability to be New York’s Mayor.  The spirited debate had Mayor de Blasio fending off attacks on his lack of leadership, subway problems, the homeless and the crime rate. 

Nicole Gelinas gives Assemblywoman high praise in her debate performance

Did you know, one in four NYC government workers earn over $100,000 per year.  Mayor de Blasio defends the high compensation, while some may question why many school custodians earn more than principals. 

Paul Harvey would have a lot to say about this in his Rest of the Story clips:  NFL players’ union teamed up with Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups.   John Merline opines in Investor’s Business Daily on what is “Patriotic” these days. 

The US Senate is not doing their job…the Conservative Action Project is on record reinforcing the need to confirm President Trump’s nominees.  Their memo may have jolted Sen. McConnell into action as this is just breaking:  Hardball: McConnell Changes Rule to Overcome Obstruction of Trump’s Judicial Picks, Dems Fume

Conrad Black writes in the NY Sun about the disgraceful charade unfolding in the battle over evidence twixt Mueller and Congress.    

How can a country that takes in $3.3 trillion in taxes be so deeply in debt?  Congress’s addiction to spending is the reason and it is possible that the addiction may be a real threat to tax reform.   There is hope as long as Congress does the right thing and President Trump continues to roll back President Obama’s restrictive regulations.  Congress could save taxpayers $3.7 million if they closed this perk or at the very least scaled it back to a reasonable cost. 

Fred Lucas writes in the Daily Signal what Trump could learn from the Reagan Immigration Amnesty and what President Trump told Congress he wants to see in immigration.

California has officially lost all sense of reality.  They release convicted felons early due to overcrowded prisons and then they pass a law that allows a sentence up to one year if you misuse the preferred gender pronoun in nursing homes.  Governor Brown (AKA Gov. Moonbeam) is responsible for both actions. 

Walt Heyer, a former transgendered, says transgendered youth need help, not affirmation.

Then there is this:  Boy Scouts will start admitting girls to the Cub Scouts.  One of the reasons they cite for adopting this change is because participation is down…did they even consider that population is down?

Amazing advances in the medical field:  Surgical implants that grow with a child, accomplished in private teaching hospitals. 

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