Daily Update

Are you registered to vote?  If you are not sure, click here, you can find out where you vote also by clicking on this link.  If you are not registered to vote, you have until THIS FRIDAY, to register in person or have your registration received by the Board of Elections.   If you have college students away from home, have them apply for an Absentee Ballot here.  

You can’t change the administration that runs City Hall if you don’t vote.

Nicole Malliotakis is campaigning all over New York City, and doing all she can to reach as many New Yorker’s as possible, but she still needs your help.  Please consider forwarding the links in our blog to your family and friends and make sure they are all registered to vote.  The NY Post gave Nicole Malliotakis a “shout-out” in Sunday’s editorial. 

Tonight is the first of two debates, you will be able to watch it on NY1 beginning at 7:00 PM for 90 minutes.  There is a special pre-debate program at 6:30 PM.  There are alternative ways to watch the debate tonight.  The final debate for Mayor will be on November 2, 2017.

Tom Precious writes in the Buffalo News about the Strangest of bedfellows ally to stop state constitutional convention.  See what Chairman Long has to say in the Precious article.

Robert Knight reminds us that most revolutions devour their own.   Here is a lesson in free market economics and revolutions. 

Rod Watson: Another gun law? Just one more for madmen to ignore.   Those calling for more gun control really should read this article.

Ambassador John Bolton tells President Trump:  Don’t Put America at Risk with Flawed Iran Deal.

Some college students are living in a world that does not exist; there isn’t enough bubble wrap in this world to “protect” their fragile minds and outlandish needs. 

The Hive is reporting that Twitter just steeped on a conservative landmine

This viral NFL email has been burning up people’s inboxes.

The Democrats’ IT scandal just got even more bizarre

Cal Thomas has a great column on why criticize Harvey Weinstein