Daily Update

Pray for our nation, pray for the people and families of those viciously murdered in Las Vegas, pray for the first responders, and pray for those who have to live with the memory of living through this maniac’s carnage.  Here Are Ways You Can Help Las Vegas Victims.

This just boggles my mind:  CBS fires vice president who said Vegas victims didn’t deserve sympathy because country music fans ‘often are Republican’…CBS was absolutely right to fire her, the question is, how does someone with so much hatred become a vice president at CBS?  

It is troubling that NBC’s Chuck Todd and so many others believe that our Constitution excludes God-Given rights.  Did they miss the classes that taught American History and the reasons for the Declaration of Independence?  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People who have a platform with a big megaphone really should have to understand the history of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence before they try to convince people who do understand them that our ideals are dangerous.  Todd Collins should listen to this:   “Bo Snerdley” takes on NFL protests and white privilege.  

The Supreme Court’s Next Term Will Be One for the Books. Here’s Why.

Gary Cohn breaks down the details of Trump’s tax reform framework.  Betsy McCaughey opines on  Exposing Democrats’ lies on the Trump tax-cut plan

‘Deregulation Day’ Spotlights Big Changes Trump Is Bringing to Washington.   

This Could Be Trump’s Most Popular Wave of Judicial Picks Yet.   

Other PR mayor lauds Trump, chides San Juan mayor.    The aftermath of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico  is the most logistically challenging event the United States has ever seen.   Charles Hurt opines on Puerto Rico the latest crisis Democrats see as too good to let go to waste

This will not surprise you one bit:  Colin Kaepernick Donated $25,000 to a Group Named in Honor of Cop-Killer Assata Shakur.   

Why We Stand.

Will this work:  A conservative approach to DACA.  Or will Democrats betray the dreamers just to score political point?  

Nicole Gelinas:  De Blasio is right to say no to an MTA bailout