Daily Update

Michael Goodwin really should have a daily column to simplify the conundrums of the day.  His column today is a must read:  Here’s one more reason to be afraid of De Blasio 2.0.  

We all know George Soros likes to donate to liberal causes, but did you know his son, Alexander, is outpacing his father’s footsteps

I must admit, this is one of the most disappointing photos I have ever seen.  How do you defend the core values of America when you believe “communism will win?”  He, of course, is encouraged to have his own opinion; this is America and we try not to coerce people to think exactly the same, albeit, lately it certainly seems as if we do.  The vast majority of American’s love our country and our Flag and stand when singing the National Anthem, we truly appreciate the freedoms granted us by the US Constitution and defended for us by veterans, far too many of whom have given there all.  But there are those who don’t, like the man in the photo and those who are #takingtheknee; and we take offense.  Perhaps, those who don’t see it our way, will eventually learn that they live in a country that has supported their right to disrespect the symbol of freedom.  Try #takingtheknee in North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, Russia.   Our freedoms will not protect you there; then maybe they would understand our disappointment in their disrespect. 

It is even more disappointing  to watch #takingtheknee  when Americans realize that the NFL is subsidized by our tax dollars!  Money that could be used for education, housing, or safer roads. 

Jason L. Riley writes about his own experiences and asks those who are #takingtheknee the larger question:  whether what is being protested has some basis in reality beyond anecdotes and viral videos on social media.

Tucker Carlson discusses the controversy with Rev. Michel Faulkner (our candidate for NYC Comptroller) and Burgess Owens. 

Tucker Carlson takes on CNN’s Don Lemon…and it is typical Tucker dismantling Don.

The Supreme Court is slated to hear a case in its upcoming term over Ohio’s voter-culling practices and hopefully problems like this will be resolved

The Washington Times opines on another funeral for repeal and replace.  And Deroy Murdock states very clearly that the GOP dysfunction will paralyze the conservative base in 2018

Maybe there is hope… House Freedom Caucus Supports Trump’s Tax Plan.  Here are the some of the details of President Trump’s Tax Plan that is not finalized yet.    Yes, it looks like New York will lose the deduction for state and local taxes all the more reason to lower NY’s taxes! Governor Cuomo you must cut spending in order to cut taxes.