Daily Update

The “#take a knee” controversy continued last night…apparently the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals did not read Rich Lowry’s column yesterday.  Maybe the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers will read this before Thursday night’s game.  Every NFL team, owner, commentator , political pundit, late-night talk show hosts, and left-wing zealots, should give some serious thought to the fact that calling Trump’s remarks on NFL anthem protesters racist is what drives people to himWesley Pruden  shares his thoughts on what is most likely a self-defeating phenomenon in his Washington Times column.   Dennis Prager wants to know Who’s Divisive — the President or the Players?

The far left progressives should read this editorial: Viewers voting with the remote control when it comes to mixing sports, entertainment and progressive politics and consider that they have been forewarned. 

George J. Marlin writes in Newsmax that global religious persecution ignored is unconscionable.  It is and so is Hate, Bernie style as explained by Robert Knight in the Washington Times.

Illegal voting takes place, just ask the Philadelphia election commissioners.

President Trump’s new travel ban is standard security policy

Cuomo says major budget changes may be needed if New York loses $2B in health care funding.  Really Governor Cuomo?  You didn’t plan for this? What kind of manager are you…you knew it was possible that it would happen.  Poor planning, Governor.  Like so many other things you plan…you would rather spend$100 million to improve the operations and appearance of MTA facilities, instead of helping the riders have a safer trip to work each day. 

By the way, Governor, you really need to study the definition of “immigrant”  — a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.  Doesn’t your birth certificate say you were born in New York City NY.  If so, please explain, why you say you are an immigrant.  Also, we are proud of the immigrants who have come to America to contribute to our way of life, we do not support those who come into our country illegally and flaunt the rule of law

Bill de Blasio Is America’s Most Irrelevant Mayor.    You can make a difference and elect Assemblywoman Nicole Mallitakis in November.  Share these articles with your family and friends:  Malliotakis hits de Blasio over Pan Am shelter;  Nicole Malliotakis Looks Forward To “Holding The Mayor Accountable” and ABC News – Up Close with Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis.  Click here to donate and find more articles on Nicole. 

Walter E. Williams opines on Not a Day Care.