Daily Update

Mayor Bill de Blasio is not looking out for you, but what else is new.   After almost four years in office, the Mayor and the City Council are rushing to pass a “construction safety” bill that in fact is just a gift to the building-trades unions. The Daily News also slams the proposal; “It is, rather, yet another quintessentially Council push to pile layer upon layer of unmanageable bureaucracy upon an industry that could instead use an intelligently focused reform.”  

Wasteful spending of your money!   On November 7, you can just say NO to his wasteful spending and elect Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.  Assemblywoman Malliotakis is getting the attention of the national press, here is a Daily Caller article and an older one from USA Today.  

Yes, we agree, more people should be involved in public hearings, however, providing free babysitting is not the answer.  Considering the salaries “earned” by the members, shouldn’t they have public hearings at a time more convenient for the public?  Aren’t taxpayers soaked enough with the “good” ideas passed by NYC Council Members?  

Oh boy, put your seat-belts on!  Governor Cuomo, who has let his true progressive beliefs out of the closet he placed them in 2010, will be pouring them on in order to avoid a primary with Syracuse Mayor Miner who is cozy with the NY Progressive Action Network.

Sen. Joni Ernst has introduced a bill that makes complete sense.  Let’s see who votes for it, if it makes it to the floor.  The bill only has two sponsors as of now, neither being Sen. McConnell.  Of course, Sen. Schumer and Sen. Gillibrand are not on the bill either.  I’m going to call them and ask them to sponsor.  Will you call or email them also? 

Ben Woolfgang writes in the Washington Times — In U.N. address, Trump replaces Obama’s soft talk with big stick., isn’t that refreshing.  In case you missed his speech, here it is.  The NY Sun spines on Trump at Turtle Bay.  

Kudos to Congressman John Faso….looking out for all his constituents!  

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