Daily Update

Good news for those of us who value life!  NY High Court Rejects Constitutional Right to Assisted Suicide.  New York’s highest court rejected the argument Wednesday that mentally competent, terminally ill patients have a constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, upholding lower court rulings.  The NY Law Journal has more on this here, but you will have to register (free) to access the article.  US News and World Reports has a shorter article here.  

From the Daily Signal:  House Republicans Unhappy That Trump Siding With Democrats on Debt Ceiling.  The Conservative Action Project issued a memo yesterday calling for no debt limit increase without fiscal reforms which Chairman Long signed onto.  It is imperative that Congress adopts fiscal reforms as noted in the memo: With Republicans in unified control of the government this time around, settling for minor reforms – or, worse, for a debt ceiling increase with no reforms – would be a squandered opportunity.  We cannot sustain, certainly not increase, the current 77 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Here is our current national debt.  

Is this our future?  How many migrants in Europe are Jihadists? Will American courts mandate that we take in migrants?  If we fail at what President Trump promised campaigning and since taking office, there is the possibility that Sen. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will return as leaders in 2018 and stifle any hope of making America great again.  Sen. Schumer refuses to understand why President Trump halted DACA for six months despite what he said in 2009.  Watch the video; what happened to the man speaking in it? (Politics and the lust to be the majority leader by pandering to those who have taken over the democratic party?)  Here is more on the biometric based federal employment verification system mentioned by Sen. Schumer.  Here is the Washington Times view of waking up from an impossible dream.  

Ben Shapiro’s op-ed in the NY Post lays out why the Republicans should get radical.  

Betsy McCaughey lets us know ObamaCare is making the middle class the new uninsured.  

Just when I thought she was reasonable, Sen. Feinstein does this:  Feinstein Attacks Catholic Judicial Nominee at Hearing.  I guess it only proved the old adage that even a clock is right twice a day.  

Why would anyone in New York City vote for Mayor de Bolshevik?   He despises capitalist and finds new ways to take their money, while turning a blind-eye to the real problems in New York City.  

Hillary, stop writing, or should that be stop whining.  You lost, get over it.  We already know What Happened, you were a terrible candidate and you lost it all on your own!