Daily Update

Unbelievable!  All I will say is that pride comes before the fall and that the NY Post is correct in calling Mayor de Blasio a jerk.  

The NY Times calls Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis “a gutsy GOP challenger.”  The NY Times ends its article with this:  “What’s not clear is if she will raise enough money to qualify for city matching funds and for a place in a debate against Mr. de Blasio, assuming he wins his party’s nomination. Should she fall short, we’d encourage the mayor to debate her anyway. The city would be the better for it.  (emphasis added.)  If you want to help Nicole click here.  

Comptroller DiNapoli reports what upstate already knew:  upstate work force is dwindling.  

Strange bedfellows emerge as convention debate intensifies.  The Village Voice also gives some pros and cons to holding a Constitutional Convention.  We are urging a NO vote in November.  

Charles Hurt, writing in the Washington Times, has the best response to the left’s frantic DACA suspension, including Mayor de Blasio, and Governor Cuomo’s threat of litigation when President Trump ends DACA  pay attention Gentlemen, DACA is against the US Constitution. Guy Benson thinks President Trump may be bluffing on ending DACA, but is right to put the issue squarely on the shoulders of Congress.  

Dennis Prager opines on Conservatives in America – Like Marranos in Medieval Spain.  

Some reading material you may have missed over the Labor Day Weekend:

It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision to Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’s.  

Comey drafted announcement closing Hillary Clinton probe before key witnesses interviewed: Senators.

The case for a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Judge orders feds to release details of Clinton email probe after FBI refused request.  

Trump Rolls Back Onerous Diversity Regs.  

The Trump Administration Believes in the Dignity of Work.  

What It Means That The Right Is Animated By Principle And The Left By Power.  

Trump’s national security advisers give warning, hope to avoid ‘total annihilation’ of North Korea.

The Empire Center on pensions:  Still ticking, all the same.  

Americans are getting clobbered by their tax bills.   

Inside the NYC schools critics call ‘failure factories’.