Daily Update

The headline reads “Mayor de Blasio signs bill to hike cigarette pack price to $13 minimum, reduce smoking” but it should read, “Mayor de Blasio signs bill to help the black market by hiking the cost of a pack of cigarettes to $13 minimum.”  This article is from 2010 and nothing has been done to change the situation, except the Mayor’s action yesterday which will only increase black market sales...and fund terrorism.    

Mayor de Blasio, NYC’s homeless problem needs your attention.  Assemblywoman Malliotakis is right when she states, “New York City taxpayers are footing the bill for homeless shelters they deserve to know what’s going on inside them.”  

By the way, Mr. Mayor, giving the homeless “tenants’ rights” is not the answer to the homeless problem, but it is another way to push your progressive agenda.   

If history — not the revisionist history the left has pushed for years — was being taught in schools, a plaque would not be necessary, Mr. Mayor.  Mayor de Blasio perhaps you should read this to understand the history behind the Christopher Columbus statute that you think needs a plaque. 

Dennis Prager wrote this for those who think like Mayor de Blasio:  Those Who Don’t Fight Evil Fight Statues.  

This catholic school should just remove itself from its catholic identity since it is removing the catholic identity from its grounds.  

When will the left admit the TEA Party never did this?  

Larry Horist opines on why the left-wing authoritarianism will be rejected by Americans. 

Daniel Oliver questions why the Navy goes bump in the night…and makes some interesting points doing so.  

One didn’t have to be a genius to know this:  Upstate New York Casinos Failing to Meet Gaming Revenue Expectations.  One does have to ask the obvious question now — how much of a deficit will be in the state and local budgets?

Larry Horist writes in PunchingBag Media that more money will not fix health care.

This is America:  3 Scenes From Rescue Effort and Flooding in Houston.  If you can’t volunteer, please consider a donation to a reputable charity, here is a list of charitable organizations that have good reputations and will help the thousands who need help now and in the coming months.  If you budget doesn’t allow for a donation, prayers for those who have lost everything, are still free and a strong part of American heritage.