Weekly Wrap-Up

This week was a tale of three speeches. President Trump loves Arizona, and on Tuesday he delivered a fiery speech in Phoenix that called out the news media for its obsession with fake news.

CNN of course delivered again and again with the biased news coverage, but I want to know what you think: What was your favorite line from the President’s Arizona speech? It took some time narrowing it down to just a handful of options, but I have several for you to choose from in the first question of our new Weekly Poll.

The Phoenix speech came after President Trump’s more somber, subdued speech outlining his strategy for Afghanistan. The President listened to his generals, according to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, and has put a blunt focus on “killing terrorists.”

There were many inspiring lines from the President’s Afghanistan speech – which was your favorite? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

Finally, the President also delivered a powerful speech to the American Legion National Convention, where he also signed an important Veterans Administration reform bill.

I’m curious to know this: Which kind of Trump speech do you prefer? Would you rather he sticks to the more serious, measured tone of his Afghanistan speech? Or do you look forward to his more freewheeling, energizing speeches like the one he delivered in Phoenix?

That’s the final question in our new Weekly Poll. I look forward to seeing what you think!

It hardly qualifies as news at this point, but biased CNN chose to slander 63 million Americans as white supremacists – another instance of so-called journalists proving President Trump’s points about our out-of-touch, untrustworthy media.

What else caught our attention this week? Peak politically-correct stupidity thanks to ESPN and the Robert (no-E) Lee debacle. Corporate hypocrisy from companies that refuse to work with President Trump while cozying up to Iran. And Nancy Pelosi crying wolf in a crowded theater. You can’t make this stuff up.

We were also given a stark reminder of the importance of President Trump’s unwavering stance against illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, and the lawlessness they represent.

Have a great weekend!