Daily Update

Jeremiah Kittredge, writes in today’s NY Post, that there is fresh proof that de Blasio’s war on charters hurts kids..

If students could donate to the Mayor they would have more of his attention.  

It appears this NYC housing developer– the Stagg Group — has developed quite the “soak the taxpayers” scheme by baiting and switching who is eligible for their buildings.  Here is what our candidate, Nicole Malliotakis, has to say about de Blasio’s administration and the homeless.  

After reading articles like this, I would hope that parents take back control of the education system and until that happens they home school their innocent children.  If one needs another reason to take back the education system, read this article on monument mayhem, history hysteria, rooted in poor public education.  This is only part of what students should be learning about the statutes far too many want to destroy.

Larry Elders asks the questions, Why Stop at Reassessing Confederate Monuments? What About the Kennedy Brothers?

File this under another dumb waste of taxpayers’ money.  

File this under a very poor decision by Governor Cuomo:  Cuomo’s Natural Gas Blockade

You know the left has gone off the deep end when David Axelrod questions what they are saying. Here is Dr. Keith Ablow’s take on President Donald J. Trump’s sanity.  

Can you imagine what the media’s reaction would be if TEA Party members did stalked democrats at home and in their offices.  Do you see any reporting of this?  

Did you know praying on a football field is against the US Constitution?  Just ask the 9th Circuit Court, they will tell you it is not protected by the First Amendment.