Daily Update

You know one is an influential person when the New York Times writes their obituary.  On Saturday, both the NY Times, the Washing Post and Politico wrote about the death of Arthur J. Finkelstein, a man who changed the world.  Craig Shirley wrote, in January of this year – after learning of his being ill – this moving tribute to Arthur.  Conservatives mourn the loss of Arthur and know this: Arthur’s legacy as a political consultant and his personal dedication to his “kids” is one that conservatives celebrate.  Rest in peace, Arthur.

Couldn’t, no shouldn’t, this money be put into educating students, not paying teachers permanently removed from teaching, yet still being paid.  There has to be a better way to protect taxpayers and students.  

Then you add this to what taxpayers are forced to pay and you have to wonder why people don’t force government to stop wasting money.  

Nicole Gelinas writes that connections trump justice in de Blasio’s New York.  

The Beat gives you facts you need to know on Mayor Mum.  

Cheryl K. Chumley writes in the Washington Times on monument madness a leftist cover to crumble America from within.  The NY Post editorial board says:  NY Democrats’ race to wipe out history is a monumental mistake.  Rasmussen Reports says that voters strongly believe that it is better to learn from the past than erase it.  Peter Heck says If we’re tearing down statues, let’s be consistent.  Imagine for a moment what the left would do if anyone ever tried to take down Margaret Sanger … Charles Darwin … Robert Byrd … and Alfred Kinsey..  

Valerie Richardson writes that the rise of antifa after violence in Charlottesville alarms free-speech advocates.  Why is it that photos of far-left groups always wear items that try to conceal their identity?  The only credit this Dartmouth professor should get is he doesn’t disguise himself.  

What Europe Should Be Doing to Prevent Another Terrorist Attack Like Barcelona.   If Europe doesn’t take heed of their advice, this article in Gatestone Institute may well be a prophecy.  

When is the main stream media going to cover this:  A spy story for our times?

Robert Knight opines on guarding election integrity