Daily Update

The Heritage Foundation via the Daily Signal has the best advice for every citizens of the United States:  Get Involved Locally; You Might Just Save the Country.    This is the year for local elections, all around our state.  Get involved, learn about the candidates; know where they stand, take the time to go to debates, stop by their local campaign office, engage them in conversation and know when you vote that that person represents your values and views.  America is a representative government…how do you know who represents you unless you get to know them.

Residents of New York City have an opportunity to elect someone who truly cares about New York City, not someone who is using New York City to further his pipe dream of becoming president.  New Yorkers can choose a man who has no regard for how he spends the taxes you are forced to pay or a woman who knows the issues and has ideas on resolving them.   If you were buying a car or a house, you would take the time to do the research in order to make the best decision; doesn’t electing your representative, at any level, deserve the same scrutiny?

NYPD: We would have done a better job in Charlottesville.  Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe told CBS News said he was “proud of law enforcement here,” noting that “not one single shot was fired, not one bit of property damage.”  Gov. McAuliffe knew for a while and still stood down.  All I will say is…a young woman is dead and two police officers are dead because the police were not prepared and allowed these hate groups — yes, both are hate groups; both groups came for ready for blood — to engage in their abhorrence of each other.  Society’s downward spiral will continue unabated until we elect people with our values and views with true leadership qualities.  

Ralph Z. Hallow opines on the remarks made by President Trump Saturday.  

And as Cheryl L, Chumley reminds us, when the chips are down, we can and will stand together against outside forces of evil because we are America.  

The creed of the NY Times is simple:  conservative republicans are damned no matter what.  

These Obama Regulations Make a Strong Case for Tax Reform

Cuomo’s ‘economic development’ billions buy another crop of failures.  

Monday’s with Robert Knight.