Daily Update

President Trump’s strong stand on North Korea. is backed by Tillerson and Mattis.  Here is more on the North Korea issue from Ralph Peters who bluntly says “I don’t believe in threatening our enemies. I believe in killing them,” and I certainly agree.  He went on to say “that military force should always be a last resort but the diplomatic options are running out,” another statement no one with a right mind can argue with.  More from Ralph Peters here. 

President Trump doubles-down on “fire and fury” threat against North Korea says it may not be tough enough.  

Jay Sekulow Details DOJ’s Panicked Response to Loretta Lynch’s Meeting With Bill Clinton.  The Washington Free Beacon has more on the Lynch/Clinton meeting.  

Cal Thomas has a few words to say about sanctuary cities.  

Will this happen in America?   While this is a different case, don’t be so quick to answer never.  

ICYMI: Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Orders State Department to Try and Find Hillary’s Missing Benghazi Emails.  

All Gender Restroom’ nothing to celebrate, says activist.  

NYS Comptroller has mixed news for the state’s finances.   The Empire Center says:  State’s retiree health debt grows.  

No surprise here:  NY’s new casino owners say competition is tough; Conference hears talk of a saturated market.

Kudos to County Executive Rob Astorino for vowing a veto on the totally misguided legislation passed by the county Board of Legislators.