Daily Update

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey warns seniors of imminent health-care problems; with Obamacare failing, democrats are calling for “Medicare for all.”  Ms. McCaughey, a health care expert, has been very accurate in her predictions of the Obamacare problems and her analysis of the current democratic plan is just as precise and correct.   

If New Yorkers needed to have it spelled out accurately why Mayor de Blasio does not deserve another term as Mayor just read today’s Michael Goodwin column in the NY Post.   

Yesterday, Chris Churchill, had a column in the Times Union that began with this sentence:  “The list of Democrats considering a challenge to the big bully of New York politics is growing.”  Today we read in the NY Post that “Mayor Bill de Blasio is an imperious bully of a boss who threatens his underlings with dire punishment if they fail to meet his demands…”   Isn’t it ironic that the state passes legislation to end bullying, never-ending advertisements on radio and TV decry bullies and the two top elected officials in New York State are described as bullies.

Governor Cuomo considers congestion pricing for New York City; Chairman Long’s reaction:  “It’s absolutely unfair to the outer boroughs,” 

Rep. Gregory Meeks Has Paid Company Owned by Aide’s Wife Nearly $200K From Campaign Funds.   The last two paragraphs are very interesting.  

The Weekly Standard writes about Sanctuary City Showdowns. .

Merkel’s Generous Refugee Policy Puts Germany at Risk.   

This press release by the US Dept of Justice explains our strong opposition to having state agencies and other government entities register people to vote.  Especially when you  know the progressive, leftist, democrats are pushing this:  Non-citizens voting the newest ‘civil right

Flashback: Here’s What Trump Told Tim Russert in 1999 About Launching a Preemptive Strike Against NK,  on this topic President Donald J. Trump is consistent and correct.  Gorka On Critics Of Trump’s North Korea Rhetoric: ‘Support The Executive’  

Gorka Explains Use of Term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ to MSNBC: You Don’t Call Cancer the Flu. Some may be jittery about the strong language from the Trump Administration, but rest assured, the strong language is an absolute necessity; weak, milquetoast platitudes have brought us to this situation.  

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