Daily Update

Breaking:  Mueller impanels a Grand Jury in Russia Probe

The NY Post editorial, De Blasio’s pathetic pattern of ‘fake news’ denials, sums up the Mayor with its last sentence; All he truly cares about is his own image. 

Another one of the NY Post editorials mock a “gaggle of elected officials” who plan on collectively riding the rails for 24 hours, not that anyone pol will be on the MTA for a full 24 hours.  They will report their experience on August 8.  Of course, people who use the subway to get to work every day, know that one experience will never equate to what they endure five days every week. 

It must be nice to get a 20% pay bump; and you paid it.  Mayor doles out $2.8M in city hall staffers

Malliotakis & Faulkner Blast de Blasio on Pay-to-Play. 

State uses jobs fund to pitch Cuomo’s tuition plan

E. J. McMahon explains that Wisconsin offers New York state some good lessons in economic growth.   

Donald Devine says with courage, Trump can fix Obamacare now

The Daily Signal is reporting that lawmakers seek overhaul of Endangered Species Act to ease harm to farmers, ranchers.  I can’t help but wonder how long it will take democrats to resist this common-sense idea.

Fake news drives issues, now we learn that fake science did also

If you don’t think Obamacare is harming your private insurance, think again

Cheryl K. Chumley opines in the Washington Times on Hillary Clinton, face of ‘Scandals Filed, But Not Forgotten’.

MSNBC Host Seems Surprised the Majority of Americans Want Immigrants to Learn English

CNN’s Acosta Declares Victory Over Trump Aide Stephen Miller After Fiery Exchange

ICYMI: Top Trump Aide Also Torched NYT Reporter Over Immigration Policy Overhaul

It may be a day late for Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams, but it is still a great article to read.