Daily Update

Will the DOI investigation be completed before November?  Voters have a right to know. 

What are these legislators thinking?  In 75% of the cases the current civil fine of $100 is the penalty for jumping the turnstile.  In this case, Mayor de Blasio is right when in said “…evading the fare…would create chaos.”   

What Mayor de Blasio is 100% wrong on is allowing NYC to be a sanctuary city.  Here is what our mayoral candidate, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis has to say about that.  Michael Goodwin, your column is good except for the fact that you say you can’t beat someone with no one.  May I remind you that very few pundits thought Donald J. Trump would be our 45th elected president.  Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is someone who can also overcome the enrollment odds; she understands the issues and reaches out to the people of New York City every day.  You are right to say “Pick a candidate, give your time, your money and your vote. Speak up, write to your friends and neighbors with your ideas about what you are doing to help save New York. Don’t just throw up your hands and complain. Your city needs you, and you are not alone. It’s time for a change.”  Help Nicole Malliotakis become Mayor; get started here

The moving vans are still busy in New York.  Mercatus Research has some of the reasons why in their latest research :  Ranking the states by their fiscal condition.  Here is a map showing the rankings; New York is 39 and Florida is number 1.

New York, however, is number 1 in spending for K-12 in the nation.  

The Daily Signal writes that House Conservatives try again to block funding for transgender treatments in military.  President Donald J. Trump must be listening and willing to go a step further when he announced a ban on transgenders serving in the military.   Read more here,  here and here

Donald Devine writing in the American Spectator has a must-read column:  Permanent paranoia is destroying our politics

Wise words from Betsy McCaughey:  Stop making doctors the slaves of computers

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is back in the news for all the wrong reasons again. 

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