Daily Update

Gov. Cuomo announces funding to protect New York health care.  In reading the article you will note that the money is coming from the Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program which is administered by the Department of Health and the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York.  And where does the Dormitory Authority get its money from:  selling bonds.  The stated $ 491 million is not the true cost…the interest must be added and with interest rates going up, be prepared, it will be exceedingly more money taken from you in taxes.  When does the taxpayer get protected?

Tax revenues are declining,  Comptroller DiNapoli is wrong on the Faso-Collins proposal, the answer is simply to cut expenses.  New Yorkers have to let legislators know, we are fed up with being over taxed and spending must be curtailed.  Instead of bailing out health care (see above) make the necessary cuts to wasteful spending. 

The latest from Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis:  Homeless Sweep = Potemkin Village Strategy

If you need just one reason to vote NO on the Constitutional Convention, read what the latest buzz in Albany isGov. Cuomo “wants to have access to our pensions the same way (the) feds have raided Social Security,”

Was this sent out for bids?  Prevailing wages are responsible for some of the inflated costs to remove the Sheridan. 

Stop the bickering and fix the subways seems to be on everyone minds

Hand it to de Blasio: He keeps his corruption consistent.   Even Democrats upset with de Blasio’s treatment of campaign donors

Kudos Conrad Black on your excellent column:  U.S. Democracy Flounders, Beset By Its Own Press And the Disgrace of Congress

William McGurn opines in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that Mueller Is Trumping Congress; Special prosecutors corrupt; independent counsels corrupt absolutely.

Will Flanders writes in National Review that school vouchers are not a form of welfare. 

Larry Kudlow’s take on the democrats’ plan for health care is summed up in one word:  Disaster. 

Single-payer would be a nightmare for Americans.    Need more proof?  Read this.  

Richard W. Rahn explains in the Washington Times why explains there are such vicious attempts to get rid of President Donald J. Trump.