Daily Update

Here is some of what you may have missed over the weekend:  Vicki Paladino who lives in Queens confronts Mayor de Blasio, Vicki Paladino with Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis; Here’s where you want to go to win a trial in New York; The NY Daily News wants Gov. Cuomo to own up to fixing the subway crisis; NY pols’ buck-passing is leaving subway riders stranded;  and Top NYC official was fired for complaining about City Hall’s ‘inappropriate involvement’ with de Blasio donor.  

National Review writes about Andrew Cuomo’s Edifice Complex

It really is outrageous if Mayor de Blasio Ordered Police to Clear Homeless Out of Subways Before His Ride.   The NY Post is also reporting that the Mayor wanted a “clean” ride

Governor Cuomo gives first time campers camping equipment worth about $300 that you paid for. 

Cuomo to boost effort to make registering to vote easier for New Yorkers.    Or is it really intimidating the person who approaches the state agency for help or information? 

E. J. McMahon lets us know that a democratic governor learns to not make the same mistake New York made years ago.  

Sad News:  Charlie Gard parents end legal fight as time runs out for ‘beautiful’ baby.

ICE chief lists worst sanctuary cities: Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Philadelphia

Sen. Mike Lee:  Making Net Neutrality a Thing of the Past.   Sen. Lee isn’t alone in his beliefs on “net neutrality,”  White House backs FCC plan to reverse Obama-era ‘net neutrality’ rules.   

The Daily Signal informs us that a government-funded job training program (set up by President Obama)   that promised to turn hundreds of residents of Kentucky’s coal country into computer coders so far has spent $2 million to place 17 people in tech jobs and may have left others worse off. 

Westchester beats Obama is the headline in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required); the editorial ends with this “The misuse of federal regulatory enforcement to impose its liberal policy preferences was one of the worst excesses of the Obama Administration. Congratulations to Mr. Astorino and Westchester for refusing to give in to the extortion—and for winning in the end.”

Stephen Moore has some good advice on how to fix the Obamacare fiasco

Robert Knight opines on Rooting out vote fraud; Why the vote fraud panel frightens the left

Kushner Speaks: Those Suggesting Trump Won Because of Russia are Ridiculing American Voters