Weekly Wrap-Up

What’s next for Obamacare repeal? There are many possibilities, none of them completely satisfying. 

One thing is for sure: There’s plenty of blame to go around, from phony numbers to political posturing to abysmal Republican leadership

Where do you put most of the blame for the Obamacare debacle? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

Another thing that’s becoming clear: Democrats will soon regret that the GOP failed to repeal the collapsing Obamacare. 

But doing nothing isn’t always bad – sometimes when Washington snoozes, the economy wins.  And President Trump is helping this along by putting the kibosh on hundreds of Obama-Era regulations before they can stifle our economy. Good for him.

“A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” – that is supposedly the Democrats’ new slogan that they’ve been researching, testing and tweaking for eons… and if that’s the best they can do it’s no wonder they lost in 2016. I have two questions: 

1.    Do the Democrats really think that the best way to connect with working-class voters is to tell them that their skills aren’t up to snuff? 
2.    Is anyone else suddenly hungry for Papa John’s pizza?   

What do you think would be the best slogan for the Democrats right now? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll – I hope you enjoy some of the options I’ve come up with! 

It looks to be another scorcher this weekend, and it’s been hot all across the state – what are you doing to beat the New York heat? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll. 

Stay cool, and have a great weekend!