Daily Update

The new Senate health care bill has been released.  It looks like a compromise, to get it passed, if it passes, the real work begins with a Conference Committee. 

Former Speaker Sheldon Silver is a happy man today, but will it last?  The NY Post says: The evidence still shows Shelly Silver is guilty, guilty, guilty.  The Buffalo News states the “Swamp wins again.”

Our candidate for Mayor of NYC, Nicole Malliotakis, says Mayor de Blasio just reacts, is never proactive.  

Bill Hammond writes in the Torch about NY’s opioid addiction rates.

Leave it to a federal judge nominated by former President Obama to come up with this ruling.   I do believe his decision is the definition of an activist judge. 

The Next FBI Director Plans to Look Into Collusion Between Clinton Campaign and Ukraine.    Should he start with this

Sometimes you feel the emotions and cry with people.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.  

And sometimes you just have to be proud to be of the generosity of people.