Daily Update

Here is an excellent interview of our candidate for Mayor, Nicole Malliotakis on Fox Business News.  Please do what you can to support Nicole Malliotakis.  Tom Wrobleski writes in the Staten Island Advance how for Mayor de Blasio anywhere is better than City Hall.   Malliotakis calls for the demotion of Judge Baily-Schiffman.  You can always stop by Assemblywoman Malliotakis website to read articles like this

Michel Faulkner, running for comptroller of New York City. is also our candidate on the Conservative Party line.  You can learn more about him on his website and here, when he spoke at our CPPAC meeting in Albany this past January.  He is having a fundraiser on July 19 and hopes that you will be able to attend.  

Governor Cuomo won’t be happy with this headline:  Cuomo approval rating near all-time low, poll says.

Congressman Chris Collins isn’t backing down in his support of New Yorkers. 

On what grounds Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA)?

Byron York: Trump-Russia investigation takes sharp turn toward the dumb.  Michael Goodwin calls the latest Russian story another witch hunt, but the NY Post has harsher words for Donald Jr.   So, Congressman Sherman, we ask again…on what grounds?

Betsy McCaughey thinks firing hundreds at the VA should just be the start. 

What is going on in Canada?  Has Canada’s government lost all sense of moral fortitude?  Apparently, Oregon has also

One of the NY Post editorials in today’s papers expose to the readers that a candidate is on trial for corruption, yet the local democratic committee endorsed his run for re-election to the City Council.    They take the Queens Democratic party to task, as well they should.  As a political party ourselves, we understand that all of the good government groups and editorial boards that call for an end of corruption with new legislation, you must understand this: until political parties end “we always go with the incumbent” kind of thinking, corruption is given a free ride in any legislative body.  If a political party will not demand integrity from their candidate, then as voters we must demand — at the very least – term limits.  The Conservative Party of New York State takes its responsibility to voters seriously and does its utmost to offer candidates of integrity to voters throughout New York. 

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