Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio really must live in his own world if he thinks that police union leaders politicized the assassination of Police Officer Miosotis Familia.  “This was a major international gathering, the most important leaders in the world were there,” de Blasio said, pushing back against the idea that he has frequently traveled overseas. His “pushing back” wants to make you think he was invited to speak with the most important leaders in the world…while the reality was he spoke to those protesting the meeting and against Trump.  By the way, Mr. Mayor, when did protesting our president become a “city purpose?”  Yes, he definitely lives in his own world, but he gets national attention when he shows his progressive stripes to lay the groundwork for a presidential run.  The Mayor may just be crazy like a fox.  The NYPD let the Mayor know how they felt today at Police Officer Familia’s funeral.  

If you have our APP on your smartphone, you read this earlier today, unbelievable!  Does the MTA really have money to spend on this?  The NY Post editorial says we were warned, but the authorities slept on.

With all of this news, is it any wonder that Wallet Hub says New York City is one of the worst-run cities in the Nation.  

He’s back! Former  President Obama is doing what he loves to do … raising money for his new pet cause, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee

Richard W. Rahn writes about CBO’s being notoriously inaccurate.