Daily Update

Governor Cuomo is planning more taxes for New Yorkers outside of NYC if the health care proposal includes the “Faso-Collins” language that calls for the state to pay for the local share of Medicaid.  Governor Cuomo is so out of control, he even wants the local tax bill to label his proposed tax the “Faso-Collins Federal Tax” on the local tax bills.  Instead of cutting Medicaid costs, like other states have done, Governor Cuomo insists local taxpayers will continue to pay the $2.3 billion in taxes to “avoid decimation of our health care system.”  Gov. Cuomo also said,  “if this bill passes, Faso, Collins and other Republican members of New York’s delegation who supported it will have to answer to the people of this state for it.”  The reality is, Governor, Congressman Faso and Congressman Collins have the best interests of the taxpayer at heart, and you, Governor, do not.  New York’s Medicaid bill is more than Texas and Florida  combined.  Instead of rushing to add the “Faso-Collins Federal Tax” to property tax bills, Governor Cuomo MUST find ways to eliminate and reduce Medicaid’s bloated budget.  

New York is good at wasting taxpayers’ money.  

How long will it take Governor Cuomo to ban travel to Mississippi?  

By the way, Governor, you should read this:   Settled Science: On Minimum Wage, Basic Economics Again Rudely Intrudes on Liberal Dreams.  

Seth Barron opined on this NY Times story exposes the paper’s liberal hypocrisy over the weekend.

SCOTUS allows President Trump’s travel restrictions to take effect (with limited exceptions) and will revisit it in the Fall.  In another SCOTUS ruling, 7-2. the Court stated it may not deny the church a public benefit because of its religious status. In its policies against religious favoritism, the Court found, the state came dangerously close to preventing the free exercise of religion.

Michael Goodwin opines on how Obama’s liberalism paved the way for Donald Trump.  

Bob Lonsberry opines about a bridge for Mario Cuomo.