Daily Update

Did you miss Chairman Long on Capitol Tonight last night.  Don’t worry, we have it here

The Members of the Legislature have gone home for the time being.  They will certainly return before January to deal with some of the issues — Mayor de Blasio’s control over NYC schools for example — they left on the table.

What should have been left on the table was the 11th hour introduction of the Governor’s Program Bill #14 with a “message of necessity” that waives the 3-day waiting period to age a bill, but more importantly, for the legislators and the public to study the bill.  Gov. Cuomo, while campaigning to be Governor criticized previous Governor’s use of this method to pass bills, yet it is becoming common place in his administration…the NY SAFE Act comes to mind as well as increasing the minimum wage, “marriage equality” and budget bills so he can say the budget was not late.  None of these bills were emergencies, but Gov. Cuomo used Article III, Section 14 of the NYS Constitution as if they were,  essentially to bypass discussion.  Last night, Gov. Cuomo though it was necessary to name the new bridge being built to replace the  Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge — the Mario Cuomo Bridge.  (Readers of this blog, know that the Conservative Party believes that the new bridge should be called the Brown Paige O’Grady Bridge to honor the men who gave their lives when domestic terrorists robbed the Nanuet Mall.) The self- proclaimed “lobbyist for students”, thought it was more important to name a bridge after his father, than to put his bully pulpit to use for the students of New York City.  

The Speaker of the Assembly blames the GOP for not extending the Mayor’s control, to which we say…did he negotiate in good faith?  Heastie has been clear that he will not do any deal on mayoral control that includes a link to charter schools.

There are far more important issues than the naming of a bridge and we fully understand that, the problem is the way it was done.  Governor “Coriolanus Snow” Cuomo continues to show his true colors.  

The United Nations has no business in trying to influence the NYS Legislature on any issue, let alone abortion.  

The US Senate Unveils New Obamacare Repeal Bill.  The Faso-Collins Medicaid provision remains in Senate GOP health care bill.