Daily Update

Jim Geraghty writes about a brutal North Korean crime that must not be forgotten.  Rest in Peace Otto Warmbier, a young man, who should be enjoying life instead of being buried at the prime of his life.  

New study supports Trump: 5.7 million non-citizens may have cast illegal votes.   

The NY Post editorial asks the question, why won’t de Blasio compromise to save mayoral control?

E. J. McMahon and Josh B. McGee have a new report out:  How New York City’s Pension Costs Threaten Its Future.  

Governor Cuomo:  New report on hydrofracking finds it does not harm drinking water in Texas.  

North of the border, political correctness goes too far.  

The question is:  Who gets to define “hate group” ?  First they came for the hated ‘hate group’. YAF: Number Of Conservative Events Disrupted By Protestors Has Tripled Since Trump’s Election. MICHAEL BROWN Liberals’ typical knee-jerk reaction: Blame the right!  

Russia flexs its muscles:  Armed Russian jet comes within 5 feet of US recon jet.  

Investor’s Business Daily asks is Mueller too conflicted to investigate Trump fairly?

Reminder:  Vote No on the Constitutional Convention.  If you need to know more, read this.