Daily Update

Michael Goodwin writes in today’s NY Post that political death threats becoming new, unsettling normal.  Goodwin’s column, filled with facts and common sense, is well worth reading. 

Today’s NY Post editorial states that it is time to tone it down.  

While some continue to use a tragedy to call for gun controlCheryl K.  Chumley, the online opinion editor for The Washington Times, says we don’t need gun control, we need democrat control.  

TODD STARNES: America teetering on the brink of political anarchy.  

Safe spaces are not for everyone…if you are conservative, it certainly isn’t for you.  Then again, we don’t require safe spaces.  

If the NYC Council continues to introduce bills like this, the citizens of NYC should call for it to be disbanded.  This proposal is beyond insane.  

The state is so good at wasting our hard earned dollars.   Be happy this project fell apart before it was paid any grant money. 

5 Ways Obamacare Proves That Government-Run Health Care Is a Disaster.  

$240,418,000,000: Feds Collect Record Taxes in May; Still Run $88,246,000,000 Deficit.  

This is heartbreaking, but unfortunately, not surprising:  Doctors: We Found No Evidence Otto Warmbier’s Coma Was Caused By Botulism As North Korea Claims.