Daily Update

NY City increases its budget by $1.7B over last year’s budget and overall by 22% since de Blasio has been Mayor.  The Mayor and members of the City Council applauded themselves on the increased spending, while over-taxed middle-class families worry how they can sustain the constant increases in taxes to pay for all the new and expanded handouts.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis will march in a Puerto Rican Day Parade…in Sunset Park.  

A push for congesting pricing is back…. why do some keep pushing bad ideas?

Kudos to the Democrat & Chronicle for asking the question:  NY spends $8B each year on job programs. So where are the jobs?   

NY’s state health exchanges may have exorbitant rate hikes in 2018…. why is the Cuomo Administration not releasing the details of the rate increases?

Betsy McCaughey writes how the war on e-cigarettes is now national.  

I’m an Attorney General Asking Supreme Court to Uphold Trump’s Travel Ban. Here’s Why.  

President Trump continues to deliver on his campaign promises.  More good news from the Trump Administration.  Surprise: The United States is the Leading Reducer of Carbon Emissions…what will the naysayers say now?  10 Things to Know About Christopher Wray, President Trump’s Pick For FBI Director.  

Michael Brendan Dougherty writes in National Review:  Stop Comparing the London Attacks to Freak Accidents and Natural Disasters

Here is what some Imam’s are preaching

BREAKING: Comey’s Opening Remarks Released Ahead of Thursday Testimony.  

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.