Weekly Wrap-Up

This week saw the introduction of a special prosecutor for the Trump/Russia kerfuffle. The New York Post thinks Bob Mueller is the right man for the job – will he even rescue the Trump presidency? He might uncover info about Clinton/Obama Russian ties that the Democrats might not want to hear. 

Democrats want to impeach a Republican president? What else is new?

Democrats are showing rank hypocrisy? What else is new?

Is there any use trying to satisfy demanding Democrats? Destroying President Trump is all that matters to them – and Sen. Schumer is their ringleader.

We are interested in knowing your opinion on the Trump/Russia kerfuffle,  so be sure an let us know in this week’s poll.  

Deroy Murdock writes how Obama gave Putin British nuclear secrets and the media just snored.  

Meanwhile, George Soros continues to undermine our justice system by getting progressive liberals elected as District Attorneys.  

Isn’t this typical of Governor Cuomo — when the news is good he has no problem taking credit, when it is uncomfortable, he has no control over the situation.  

It is disgraceful that Mayor de Blasio will march in the Puerto Rican Day Parade that will honor an unrepentant terrorist leader.  

On the bright side of this week’s news, the Conservative Party endorsed the NYC mayoral run of Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.  New Yorker’s will have a clear choice in November, they can vote for a woman who understands the problems and has common sense solutions for New York City residents or continue with a man who sees the city as a place to percolate his progressive social justice ideals.  

Have a great weekend.