Daily Update

It is very apparent that the main stream media is doing all they can to once again control what people know and think.  There was a time that the NY Times controlled and filtered the news to regulate what you read.  ABC, CBS and NBC followed their lead and so did the rest of main stream media.  The elite journalist liked the control they had — they knew what you needed to know and they filled the news with all that they thought was important.  At one point Yellow Journalism drove the US and Spain to war.  But that was then and this is now.  Cable news came on the scene, Rush Limbaugh became a talk radio icon and the elite journalist became less important and certainly less influential.  They have divided our country and now they are attempting to bring down the second person in modern times that has not caved to their agenda.

The NY Post writes in today’s editorial that the media might have revealed more intel than Trump. Occasionally,  they try to be honest in their reporting, but the underlying message is that republicans are bad.  

ZipDialog reports the latest on the Trump, Comey, Russia news as succinctly and accurately as any other article I have come across.   Americans would be better served if the NY Times had done the same.  Some pundits asked the right question:  Why didn’t Comey come forward sooner? Joseph Curl has a great column in the Washington Times that asks a simple question:  How did the Russians help Trump win the election?  Sean Hannity wants to know where is the outrage over the leaks about the president?  (The MSM won’t complain about something that it serves their agenda.)  Dan Gainor writes that the liberals and the MSM are finally getting what they wanted all along…violence.  The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) covered NSA advisor McMaster’s press conference yesterday and their lead off paragraph is perfect…”Former government officials have been demanding anonymity from the Washington Post in order to discuss a meeting they did not attend at the White House. President Trump’s National Security Adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, who did attend the meeting, has been going on the record this week along with other attendees to knock down the resulting story. Yet much of the press still seems to credit the Post’s unnamed non-attendees.” The final paragraph sums it up: “:But readers are able to evaluate H.R. McMaster. He has spent a highly distinguished career defending the United States. And he was at the meeting. And he’s on the record.”

Former President Obama just cannot let go…is anyone surprised by his continuation of undermining America?  

EXCLUSIVE: CCRB fills executive director post with ex-Queens assistant DA who prosecuted police misconduct.   Maybe I shouldn’t rush to judgment, but I wonder just how fair and open-minded this commission will be to police who are doing their jobs.  

Finally, some GREAT news:  Kudos to Goya.  

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