Daily Update

The democrats are besides themselves over Mr. Comey firing.  He, however, acknowledged that any president can fire an FBI Director for any reason, or for no reason at all.  So why are they on the verge of talking about impeachment.  One thing is certain, President Donald J. Trump, has his own way of leading the free world and no one should be surprised by his style. Charles Hurt opines in the Washington Times that Mr. Comey was a creature of the swamp and received a deserved dumping.  Tammy Bruce writes about the frenzied reaction and the NY Post opines on the Democrats’ hypocritical Comey-firing fury.  

Aetna pullout shows Obamacare on life support.   Betsy McCaughey writes about the left’s sick lies about health reform. 

President Trump signs Executive Order launching voter fraud commission.  New Hampshire is already investigation the possibility of voter fraud in the 2016 elections, albeit, the results would not change. 

PragerU Video: Shapiro Explains Why Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings.  

Federal court strikes down VA firing rules… all the more reason to get President Trump’s nominees confirmed.  

Donald Devine wants the swamp drained, then closed!

Is anyone surprised by this:  New York’s economy is behind US pace

Mayor de Blasio’s ferry is just like most of the things he touches with his reverse Midas touch.  

Dana Rubenstein opines on the Cuomo aesthetic.  

Congressman Joe Crowley likes to keep it in the family.