Daily Update

The Daily Signal explains why high tax states like New York and California will disproportionately affect wealthy people.  It is a fact that his federal deduction basically encouraged states to hike taxes – which New York and California took advantage of. Don’t count on it being added back into the proposed tax changes.  Here is E. J. McMahon’s quick analysis of the proposal., and  Charles Gasparino’s opinion in the New York Post. 

The NY Post editorial has this to say about the President’s plan:  Trump’s tax plan aims to deliver the jobs America needs.  

National Review believes the “devil is in the details” but says lower corporate tax rates would be good for everyone.  

This is good news: President Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education.  

Mayor de Blasio has lost his mind.  This is what happens when you are a progressive, you become so wrapped up in running other peoples lives with other peoples’ money you just lose all sense of what is real.  $16.4 million of our hard-earned dollars for immigrant legal services.   Mr. Mayor, do you understand the oath you took???  You have no right to take our money to help people who are here ILLEGALLY!!!  Another $1.6 million to ramp up Airbnb. enforcement? Seriously?  Opioids are killing people and you want to spend $1.6 M on Airbnb enforcement?  

George J. Marlin on Governor Cuomo’s presidential budget.  

Obamacare repeal is being resuscitated.

Here’s What Ronald Reagan Did When College Kids Went Ape At UC-Berkeley.  

Robert Knight lets us know what the ACLU is up to; like me you will probably think it really crosses the line.  

Trump’s unconventionally successful first 100 days. 

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