Daily Update

Mayor Bill deBlasio has such naked ambitions…that we taxpayers end up paying for, not only with our money, but also with the fact that education in NYC is just not up to par

YAF is back, and this is great news!

Dennis Prager opines on the cowards of academia.  

A free press should liberate minds, not enslave them.  

Surprise, Surprise:  A NY Times reporter says press conferences are more democratic under President Trump than they were under President Obama.  

President Trump’s first 100 days; what the main stream media won’t tell you!

Guy Benson examines the truth behind the polls that indicate Americans want bigger government.

Grotesque: This Is The Message Bill Nye The “Science Guy” Is Sending Your Kids.  (You may not want to watch the video as it has nothing at all to do with science; rather it lets people know who the real Bill Nye is.)  Here is Rich Lowry’s take on Bill Nye’s march for science.  

Have you heard of Antifa?  It is a shadowy extremist group responsible for the riots at Trump rallies.  Read about it here

Former Obama Official Says Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats to Influence Policy.  

More on Obama’s bad Iran Deal in today’s NY Post editorial.  And what Judge Napolitano had to say on Fox and Friends this morning.  The Federalist weighs in also. 

U. S and North Korea flex their military muscles.  

Did you watch Kellyanne Conway on Fox and Friends this morning?  If you missed it, click here. Be sure you RSVP early for our 55th Annual Dinner on June 1, 2017 when Kellyanne Conway will be our honored guest speaker.