Daily Update

The 10th edition of Rich States, Poor States has been released by ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and again New York State last in the 50 states for its economic outlook.  Today’s NY Post editorial examines why and the Nation Review explains how business friendly states are growing at the expense of those who tax and spend.   (National Review also notes that high taxes did not give us democracy.)  As troublesome as this news is to those of us who live here, this declaration by the national democrats to turn the New York State Senate to the left, should send shivers down our spines.   

The Empire Center’s new report Prevailing Waste shows us how New York drives up the costs of public construction placing hirer tax burdens on New York’s citizens.   

The hypocrisy of the city council campaign-finance program.  The campaign-finance program should just be eliminated. Period.

Senate GOP leader wants to raise city’s charter school cap.   Sen. Flanagan and Betsy DeVos have the right idea.  

John Daniel Davidson opines in the Federalist that college students should know there is no such thing as hate speech.  CUNY on the other hand, is giving a woman that promotes hate speech,  a platform that will most likely be filled with hating America.  

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times that voter fraud oughta be a crime

Sweden Accepted More Migrants Per Capita Than Any Other European Country. Why That’s Changed.  

A new poll says Donald J. Trump would win again.  (Stop crying Soros et al!)

More Obama Lies About The Iran Nuclear Deal Exposed.