Daily Update

Governor Cuomo wanted to change the name of Start-Up NY, but Governor Cuomo didn’t get his way.  The legislator’s extended the program for two years, despite its poor record.  There was, however,  a major change in the Start-Up NY program —  whether by design or rushed bill drafting —  reporting requirements for the participants in Governor Cuomo’s costly economic boondoggle are no longer required to file annual reports.  Will this be fixed when the legislators return to Albany?  

According to reports, Gov. Cuomo has all he wants from this legislative session.  The NY Post laments the fact that ethics reform wasn’t passed, to which we say…all of the ethics reform possible will not change people who do not have a moral compass.  True ethics reform is in the hands of the voters!  Since the Governor thinks all of the work in Albany was accomplished with the NYS budget, (especially since the NYS budget has incorporated policy along with fiscal issues) it is time to send the legislators home.  Think of the money taxpayers would save if the legislative session ended now.   

Bob Hardt writes in his NY1 Political ItCH column about family ties in Albany.  The last paragraph is priceless.  

Donald Devine explains how EPA Attack on ‘Little Guy’ Gas Stations Does Nothing for Environment.  

Is anyone surprised by this:  Labor Spent $1.7 Billion on Politics in 2016, Mostly for Dems.  

Or this:  More Than 70 Liberal Groups Partnered for Anti-Trump Tax Day Protests.  

Associate Justice Gorsuch marks his first day with humor, humility, irritation and a little of Justice Scalia’s sarcasm.  

Dennis Prager:  Two Weeks of Great Clarity.